What Are The Benefits Of Social Security Disability Insurance?

What Are The Benefits Of Social Security Disability Insurance?

There are many senior citizens who register or enroll in Social Security Disability Insurance. Speaking in a general sense, people who qualify and are eligible for the program want to be part of it, but how much do you know about the program itself? Joining SSDI has many benefits which transcend beyond monthly payments. Now, it is imperative that you know about Medicare Advantage plans and your benefits as a beneficiary of the Social Security Disability Insurance program once you are part of it. You may find that this program is more useful than you originally thought!

The benefits of Social Security Disability Insurance include the following:

• monthly income. This is the most praised and enticing benefit of Social Security Disability Insurance. You will receive a monthly check to help you stay financially, since your disability prevents you from working. The amount of money you are entitled to in SSDI depends on many factors, especially the time spent in the workforce. The more time you pay in the system, the greater your “insurance” and the more money you are entitled to.

• Medical benefits. Irrespective of your age, as an SSDI beneficiary, you are eligible for Medicare after joining or signing up to the program for 24 months. These benefits include Part A (hospital benefits) and Part B (medical benefits). You are also eligible for a variety of Medicare Advantage plans you can choose from.

• Prescription drug coverage. Once you are entitled to Medicare benefits (after 24 months of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance), you will also be eligible for Medicare Part D, which is a prescription drug benefit.

• COBRA extension. If you receive Social Security Disability benefits, your COBRA benefits may extend for an additional 11 months.

• Long-term disability benefits (LDT). If you have long-term private disability insurance, this provider may also ask you to seek social disability insurance. Doing so can help protect your long-term disability benefits.

There are also other benefits inherent to receiving SSDI, but these are the main medical and monetary benefits that accompany it. Consider your rights as a beneficiary of this program. Be sure to take advantage of these benefits to get the medical care that you and your loved ones deserve so you can have the best possible quality of life. The usability of social security can be a benefit to improve your life and that of your loved ones.