Humana Health Insurance

Humana Health Insurance

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Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana is one of the largest health insurance providers. Humana health insurance has over 13 million customers in the US. In 2013, it has a revenue of $41.3 billion. It is also part of the Fortune 500 list. Landed on the 56th spot, it became the highest-ranked company from Kentucky. It is also the third-largest health insurance provider in the US.

History of the Company

The company started as a nursing home in 1961. Established by David A. Jones and Wendell Cherry, Humana was first known as Extendicare, Inc. At that time, it was considered the largest nursing home in the United States. But the company sold the nursing home to acquire hospitals in 1972. It was only in 1974 that Extendicare, Inc. became Humana, Inc. The purpose of changing the name was to give people a perception that it offers an excellent level of human care.

Humana Health Insurance Plans

It is one of the well-established insurers in the US. The health plans that it offers are useful to individuals who are 55 years old or over. When shopping for health plans, you will find that Humana’s health plans are some of the most affordable options you can find. This insurer is a large company that offers a wide array of services. It also provides excellent home healthcare options for the elderly. These options are also vital for patients who suffer from a chronic illness that cannot live alone. They are also designed for individuals who cannot receive treatment outside their house.

The company offers the same regular features as those top healthcare insurance providers offer. But it adds some features that make them a special provider. This insurance provider also offers Guidance Centers where people can use them for seminars and certain activities. But no matter how wide its services are, it still does not provide a short-term plan.

Humana Health Plans Cost

When comparing Humana’s plans from others, you will find that the prices are lower than average. It also offers a wide array of policy options for each quote. You can also compare the plans easily through its online tools. Its website incorporates various tools that enable you to compare policies and analyze your options. When comparing policies, make sure that you choose over three insurance providers. From there, you can study the options and request quotes to discover plans that can meet your individual needs.

The company also provides four major health plans. It also offers dental and vision plans. For its health plans, the most popular ones are the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) policies. Between PPO and HMO, the latter is cheaper. It allows you to lower your healthcare costs. But you need to stick within your plan’s network to achieve it. If you go out of your network’s plan to receive treatment, then the treatment will not be covered by your plan, unless it is an emergency. In that case, you must use the plan’s network of healthcare professionals and hospitals.

For flexibility, the better option is PPO. The reason for this is that if you get treated from a healthcare facility that is outside your plan’s network, then the treatment may still be covered partially. But the PPO plan is ideal if you travel frequently. It is also a better option if you live in a rural area where you cannot easily find an in-network provider.

Another option to take is the Private Fee for Service (PFFS). It is a type of plan that allows you to use any healthcare provider that you wish. However, it is the most expensive compared to PPO and HMO. The reason for this is that it offers you the most flexibility than PPO and HMO.

Medicare Supplements

If you are a Medicare recipient, you can purchase supplemental plans from Humana. Or get info on health insurance plans now. Its preferred prescription drug policy, for example, will lower your overall cost for your medicines. However, you need to purchase your medicines at any Walmart pharmacies.

Other Plans

Humana does not only focus on health plans but it also provides dental plans. Its premiums and services are industry average. However, the waiting time for the procedures is better than others. And if you need vision insurance, Humana offers a wide range of products for families as well.

The company also offers several resources that only members can access. My Humana, for example, is an online portal that lets you track your prescription drugs 24/7. You can also call its customer support via its dedicated customer phone line. Plus, it lets you download forms that you need to file a claim or apply for a plan.

Customer Support

You can find coverage in all 50 states. As mentioned earlier, it has an online portal that you can access 24/7, either through a mobile app or website. If you need any forms to fill out, you can do so by going to such a portal. You can download and print the forms. Then, you can view the status of your claims or coverage. It also includes a live chat, where you can communicate with a customer support representative. Plus, it has an online support community where you can participate in any discussion or ask questions.

Humana also offers plans that cover expenses related to transitioning from a hospital stay to obtaining home care. This type of plan is important if you have a chronic condition that will affect your ability to live alone. The company also offers Humana Well Dine, which delivers healthy meals to members who are recuperating from a medical procedure.

BBB Accredited

Humana is an accredited Better Business Bureau company. It has gained an A+ rating and has received several awards. However, the most important one is the Dorland Health Award for health plan members who are over 55. The company also introduces enhanced web features regularly to ensure that its customers will have a great experience while using the website. Its web chat feature allows customers to chat with a registered pharmacist online.

Overall, Humana health insurance is a highly recommended company. It offers low premiums, breadth of services, preferred providers and low deductibles. These are just some of the many great things that the company offers.