How to a healthy senior

People have very busy lives and look for the quickest way to go about their days. Fast food and quick microwave foods are becoming the norm. Our bodies are suffering from this abuse of processed foods and many people are having problems with getting diseases and just not feeling well. We need to move more and take better care of ourselves.

We all have heard of many quick diets to help lose weight fast. It has been proven, that losing a pound of weight a week is the best way to get to our goal. Weight that is lost too fast, usually comes back just as fast. This up and down process is not good for our bodies. Having the right insurance matters as well. A Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement can help pay gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B.

Eliminating processed grains, fats, sugars, fruits and vegetables with pesticides and farmed meats would be ideal. Our ancestors raised their own chickens, cattle, and pigs and had wonderful big gardens with plenty of vegetables and fruit trees. This provided them with all the food they needed and had root cellars to store it in. They spent their days tending to the animals and gardens and got so much exercise doing all this. Some of us are stuck in an office all day sitting and that is not good for our bodies. We need to get up and walk around every hour to help our bodily functions keep working optimally.

When we eat, we need to eat smaller portions of protein, carbohydrates and fill up with lots of vegetables. Fresh fruits are the best dessert to have. Eating a lot of fiber is good for our digestion and helps eliminate any problems with constipation. If we can eat as clean as we can, we will have much healthier bodies, sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. When you feed your body with these whole nutrients, you will definitely feel so much better.

We all want to lose weight and diet is one way, but we also need to exercise each day. Just talking a 20 minute walk during your lunch hour can be so beneficial. While watching television, you can get up and walk in place while swinging your arms during commercials. If you do that every time, you will find your disposition will improve, as well as, limber up your joints and keep your body active. Following a healthier diet and exercising regularly will improve your mind and body. We are the only ones who can take care of ourselves, so why not start now.