Bored of Staying in Hotels… then Try Something Different such as Rented Apartments

Bored of Staying in Hotels… then Try Something Different such as Rented Apartments

You will agree with me that hotels are not the best for people beyond the age of 65. Sign up for health coverage at

This is because old retirees feel like they have been kept in a box while staying at a hotel. A hotel might not be the best place for you at your age because it is also a source of boredom. Some of the hotel rooms lack balconies where you can have a view of the area surrounding you. In fact some may have a very small window but this depends on what we can afford. Instead of suffering from improper conditions at a hotel room, there are a number of options to consider.

Consider a rented apartment

A rented apartment is basically better than a hotel room. If we compare and apartment with a hotel room, you will certainly realize that whereas a rented apartment has a small compound meant for your relaxation, the hotel room may not avail a small garden or compound for your relaxation needs. A hotel room can only give you small potted flowers or plants. For some of us, we may want a place where we can get some free moving air and that can only be found whenever you rent an apartment rather than a hotel room. Depending on your needs, a rented apartment is better than a hotel room.

You need to also consider living or spending you travel holiday in an apartment if your length of stay is relatively longer. If you will be travelling to a place and will spend one month or so there, then it is important to make sure that rent an apartment and not a hotel room. Renting an apartment will make you feel like you are at home rather than in a hotel at a distant home.

Consider house exchange as well

House exchange is a system where people travelling from one place to another get to swap their homes for a particular period of time. This works better if you are in different states or if you are living in one state with the other retirees. The main advantage that you will accrue from this is that it gives you an opportunity to experience a different house environment from that presented by your own house. As a retired senior, you will also get an opportunity to see how other retirees are living.